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SSI is a new Company who helps Artist and New bands with start up in their career. The Company orientation is to promote talented musicians and to build strong foundation for their future in Music. We are working globally.

SSI has a different approach to business, than any other Management or Music Business Companies. With years of experience in Music Industry, we have a clear understanding that DIY (Do It Yourself ) is a tough call to Young Artists and music writers . Our goal is to let the artists be as creative as they can and we’ll take care of the business part and move your career forward.

1. Promotions

Internal promotions on other members and the music community as well as Key figures in the entertainment business.

2. Submission to Film/TV paid projects

(15% Manager’s fee from each booked job)
Our staff will submit any materials that you feel as an artist suitable for motion picture, advertisement and television productions. Our professional staff will guide you through this process and keep you informed of progress made on your behalf.

3. Submission to radio plays

(to get paid, 15% Manager’s fee : Only one Album per submission)
Today, most radio plays do not pay royalties, however the environment for you as the artist can be overwhelming with all the legal red-tape that you must sign to get airplay for your fresh new music. We are here to assist you to keep control of your own rights to publish and protect your materials.

4. Submission to Record Labels

(Fees due upon request are subject to change)
At SSI, we make all the arrangements for you to “Professionally” submit your materials to key Record Labels.

5. Distribution Support

($ 19.99 Single, $ 57.99 Album)
A key component in getting your music out to the public is crucial in your successful bid as you acquire fans for your taste of music. Distribution channels will be used to sponsor your music as to many outlets as possible without the risk of losing any rights to your own music.

6. Production and Recording Support.

At SSI we will provide you with the tools and expertise you will need to convert your music into required format.
Create top quality audio sound recording, Music Video production with optional Green screen background, script and storyboard writing.

7. Entertainment photographer

(Price list upon request)
As your Appearance Advisors, we at SSI have reputable access to talented individuals to make the most of your physical ambiance. With a professional photo shoot, we can sort through and mark photos that can be used for album cover, promotional materials and web site enhancements.

8. Artist website design

(Starting from $200)
One of the most difficult and most important areas of your career development is your website. Our technical staff will provide your website with the tools you need to market yourself successfully. Our up-to-date technology will utilize the newest tools to market your website for your fans and those key contacts in the entertainment industry.

9. Manager Support

Our goals is simple, to make you successful. If you make money, then we make money. Our staff has years of experience in the entertainment field to carve a path through the process.

10. Copyright and Registration support

($ 75 per copyright or registration)
Nothing is more important than protecting your intellectual property. At SSI, Encourage you to take the steps to organize, prepare your materials and submit in a timely fashion to the United States Copyright Office to ensure your rights as an artist to your own materials.

If you will sign up as an Artist or Band with SSI, we reserve the right to obtain materials needed such as Mp3 files, WAV files, digital photos, Video, CD’s and other marketing information about Artist(s).

SSI will provide promotional services to member Artists with a $20.00 monthly membership payment. The recommended time for basic membership is 3 months. Any other services do not apply for membership.

Submit your music for review with your links. It will take 3-5 business days for us to respond.