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Single Artist

Single Artist aka Yana hails from Europe: trained musician specializing in bass guitar. She began her career performing with the local orchestra for audiences worldwide.

Yana made the transition from classical music to rock. Her exposure as a multi-talented musician for an all female rock band brought her to the forefront as the lead singer.

After additional training in London in Music Management, Yana's next assignment was a band tour manager in Scandinavia. Despite her full-time duties as a band tour manager, Yana entered into national competition on MTV and was nominated as one of the top five female guitar players featured in Finland. Yana extended her management skills into marketing and promotions that lead to her arriving in Los Angeles, CA.

She was a Music Business Major at Berklee College of Music and is currently working on her degree in Music Business at Full Sail University. Since 2008 Single Artist was signed to several projects for Independent movie productions. Single Artist is one of first artists who was signed to Seismic Sound International, Inc.


Winter in my Soul

Shadows on the Walls

The Matter of Time